Arterial Line Placement for Acute Care Skills Lab

Arterial puncture and cannulation, also known as arterial line placement or “a-line,” is commonly performed to allow for continuous blood pressure measurement and frequent arterial blood gas sampling. Generic arterial line kits include separate needle and wire components, as would be used to place a central line. However, this experience covers fundamental knowledge for the commonly utilized all-in-one (Seldinger type) radial artery kit. This protocol covers the task of arterial line placement by a healthcare provider.

The purpose of this standardized procedure is to allow a healthcare provider to safely insert the arterial catheter when needed. An arterial catheter may be needed in routine preoperative placement, non-urgent placement for titrating vasoactive agents more effectively in a stable patient, etc., and urgent case scenarios.

The goal of arterial line placement is to provide a means of monitoring a patient’s blood pressure moment-to-moment and to have access to the arterial blood supply for laboratory analysis.


Watch the video below to see how this procedure is done using VR:

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