Acute Care Skills Overview                     

The Clinic Immersives by Purdue University Global - Acute Care Skills allows healthcare students and providers to develop clinical skills using an Oculus Quest headset with unlimited access 
anywhere, anytime


Healthcare learners and providers access the Acute Care Skills Labs through the Cloud-based System that provides:

application control
headset control
learner progress monitoring
rich analytics reporting of learning outcomes

No travel is required, availability of practice is nearly unlimited, and the Cloud-based System incorporates a physiology engine that allows for customization to present a diversity of patient and case scenarios.

Immersive training (virtual reality) is a paradigm shift that is already underway in healthcare, where leading research shows that learners acquire clinical skills more rapidly, with fewer errors, and retain learned skills longer through immersive learning experiences.

Learning Sequence Builds Confidence

    1. The learner practices the procedure in the ‘guided mode’ (ghosted hints) as often as they like.            
    1. When the learner is confident that they can accurately demonstrate the procedure without error, the learner plays the level in the ‘expert mode’ (no hints) - which they can repeat as often as they wish. 
    1. Finally, when the learner is confident that they have mastered the procedure - they take a one-time ‘exam’ attempt which results in their grade for that procedure.


Guided Mode - ghosted hints show step-by-step positions, learner can 'see through' the patient to verify placement.

Oculus Quest Hand Tracking - learner uses natural hand movements to interact (no need to memorize buttons & controls).

Oculus Quest Affordability & Ease of Use - next generation game development processes allow the untethered, mobile VR to present effective visual and interaction fidelity at 1/4 of the cost of desktop VR.

Physiology Engine - real-world patient & case data informs the simulation.

Feedback - Cloud-based enterprise incorporates real-time data acquisition that allows learner to track progress and mastery, and provides detailed insights for debrief with faculty.

Support - Enterprise incorporates Knowledge Base (with tutorial videos & FAQ) - combined with help desk support staff for learners and staff.



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